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How do you want to feel in your plastered space? Lime plaster's materiality has a beautiful presence and the color you choose to pigment it will further impact the mood, energy and emotion of your space. Lighting and how it changes through the day will also play a part in the color of your plaster finish. Start by considering the kind of mood are you hoping to create. Then explore and choose a color you feel a connection with. If possible, allow time to make color decisions by viewing samples in your space during the time of day you are most likely to inhabit it.

Color Decisions

Viewing Earthaus Colors in-person and in the lighting of a space is the best way to make color decisions with confidence. Choose from a Color Fan Deck, Handmade Samples, or DIY Sample Kits to experience Earthaus Colors firsthand.

**Colors may slightly vary with (1) each finish's unique texture, sheen level, and tonal variation, (2) the quantity and quality of lighting in a space, (3) an applicator's skill level and technique.