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Smooth Olive Oil Soap sealed Plaster Finishes are best suited for bathroom walls: Earthaus Tadelakt, Marble, and Stone Finishes. Sealed Finishes can withstand the moisture from showers/baths and are wipeable. Care must be taken with personal care products with unknown ingredients; see specific finish's Care & Maintenance Guide for more information.

For showers and information about Tadelakt Finish, please refer to the specific Showers Area.

Walls & Ceilings

Tadelakt, Marble, and Stone Finishes are sealed which makes them suitable for areas with moisture and wipeable. Splatters from personal care products should be promptly cleaned from plaster finishes.

For continuity with a Tadelakt shower throughout a bathroom, either Tadelakt Finish or Stone Finish is recommended. Stone Finish is a suitable functional and aesthetic option as it can be finished to look similar to Tadelakt Finish. Stone Finish is a more economical and less technical finish compared to Tadelakt.

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Shelves, Vanity Tops, Basins, & Floors

Use of Tadelakt on horizontal areas in bathrooms are at higher risk for damage from staining, etching, chipping, and nicking. Damage may occur from the setting, storage, dripping and pooling of personal care products with unknown problematic ingredients on the horizontal areas, and the potential for high wear and high traffic.

Damage to bathroom shelves, vanity tops, basins, and floors from staining, etching, and chipping may result compromised functionality and aesthetic continuity of a Tadelakt Finish. Users assume all corresponding risks and responsibilities for use of Tadelakt in these areas.