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The Earthaus Tadelakt Finish is the only finish suitable for shower use. Inspired by traditional Moroccan Tadelakt materials and technique, Earthaus Tadelakt is a 100% natural water-repellent finish. The hydrophobic seal is created by a chemical reaction that occurs when olive oil soap is rubbed into lime plaster (Tadelakt is Arabic for "to rub in"). The Earthaus Tadelakt Finish requires substantial substrate preparation in shower areas including installing a waterproof membrane.

Shower Walls

Earthaus Tadelakt Finish is formulated for shower walls. Vertical surfaces in showers are uniquely suited for the silky smooth experience that Tadelakt finished walls offer. A properly installed and maintained Earthaus Tadelakt shower will provide years of luxurious enjoyment.

Shower Ceilings

Tadelakt Finish can be used for shower ceilings. Alternatively, the Stone Finish with a coat of Beeswax Protective Sealer can be used as a shower ceiling finish in non-steam shower applications. Stone Finish is easier to apply, is water-resistant as well, and looks similar enough to Tadelakt with little noticeable difference.

Niche Shelves, Floors, Bench Tops, & Curbs

Tadelakt applied on horizontal areas in showers are at a higher risk for damage, including but not limited to: staining from pooled water that discolors over time, staining and etching from personal care products, and chips + nicks from high wear and high traffic.

Damaged Tadelakt niche shelves, floors, bench tops, and curbs may result in dysfunctional Tadelakt and aesthetic issues. Users assume all corresponding risks and responsibilities for use of Tadelakt on horizontal areas.

Use of tile, stone, steel, and other more durable materials are recommended for horizontal areas in showers.

Steam Showers

With proper substrate preparation, Tadelakt is suited for the heat and moisture found in steam showers.

Outdoor Showers

Appropriate for temperate regions only, as long as there is a roof over an outdoor shower, Tadelakt is a suitable plaster finish. 


Unfortunately, Earthaus Tadelakt is not suitable for bathtubs or other applications when subject to continuous water immersion.