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Earthaus Plaster finished fireplaces make beautiful focal points for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. The natural texture of lime plaster adds organic elegance and makes fireplaces extra cozy.


All Earthaus Finishes are suitable for newly constructed drywall surrounds or previously painted surrounds: Tadelakt, Marble, Stone, Sand, or Limewash Finish.

If cleanability is a factor in Finish Choice:

Sealed smooth finishes are more wipeable and cleanable: Tadelakt, Marble, and Stone Finishes. Sand and Limewash Finishes are absorbent and less wipable.

Care & Maintenance Guides

Behind stand alone fireplaces: Heat Shield, Fireback, Plaster Panel, or Plaster Wall

All Earthaus Plasters are functionally heat resistant for applying behind freestanding fireplaces or stoves. However, heat may cause expansion and contraction in the substrate which can possibly result in small hairline cracking in the plaster.

Finishes over Brick, Stone, & Masonry Fireplaces

Earthaus Lime Slurry or Limewash can breathe new life into a dated brick, stone, or masonry fireplace by softening the shapes, not burying them. Both Lime Slurry and Limewash are brush applied and offer a simple DIY solution to upgrade almost any masonry surface.

The process of burying brick, stone, or masonry fireplaces requires substrate assessment. Contact us for a Project Consultation to determine which products you would need.

Hearths & Benches

Earthaus Plasters applied on horizontal areas, including fireplace hearths and benches, are at higher risk for damage from staining, etching, and chipping. Damage may occur from the setting of, storage of, and dripping and pooling of acidic or other problematic ingredients on the horizontal areas and/or high wear and high traffic.

Damage to fireplace benches and shelves from staining, etching, and chipping may result in increased risk of compromised plaster functionality and aesthetic continuity. Users assume all corresponding risk and responsibility with use of Earthaus Plasters for fireplace hearths and benches.