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The textures, natural organic beauty, and sculptural quality of lime plaster are an inspiring combination for custom plaster furniture.

While Earthaus Plasters were formulated and tested for vertical wall surfaces only, experimental "off-label" use of Earthaus products for furniture is always an option. We are unable to provide any advice or guidance on custom furniture. The following furniture has been made with Earthaus Plaster Finishes:

Table tops: Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, End Tables, Vanity Tops

Seating: Chairs & Benches

Shelving: Stand Alone & Built-In

the inherent risks with Horizontal plaster

Plaster furniture with horizontal areas are at higher risk for damage from staining, etching, and chipping. Damage may occur from the setting on, storage of, and dripping and pooling of acidic or other problematic ingredients on the horizontal areas and/or high wear and high traffic.